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Miss B

Bianca began her coaching and teaching as soon as she graduated with her BFA in Music Theatre.  She is also widely known for her TikTok as "Miss B" and has started her Youtube Series "The Real Talk with Miss B" where she talks about her experience working in College Admissions, the Entertainment Industry, as well as teaching students all around the world!  Bianca has auditioned for major projects with major studios and production companies such as: Netflix, NBC, CBS, ABC, Telsey & Co. and Warner Brothers. Bianca uses her knowledge in the industry and applies them in her Private Coachings and Group Classes.

Her specialty is coaching and mentoring High School Students in order to better prepare them for the professional world of Theater and TV/Film. She currently offers Private Coachings, Zoom Classes and Workshops to students ages 12 and up.

Private Coaching Rates: 
$25 for 30 min

$40 for 1 hour

Package Rates:
$85 for 4 classes (30 min sessions)

$120 for 4 classes (1 hour sessions)



"Bianca is an incredible instructor who is able to bring out the best in her students. My daughter has stretched herself and is incredibly proud and enthusiastic about her progress in the Dream Role Workshop. She responds to the depth of character development and vocal training. Especially during these Covid times, when we have had to stay away from doing group shows, Bianca’s Dream Role Workshop has been a true lifesaver - she looks forward to it every week and I feel good that she is practicing her musical theater skills in a safe environment."

- Melissa (Parent)

"I love Dream Role Workshop because I get to study a character in depth who I may never get to play in a show. I really love how Bianca helps not only to go analyze a character's emotions and reactions but to also make those reactions true to myself and make the character my own."

- Zabelle (Student, Age 13)

Miss B's Beginner Acting Class!

Miss B is offering her Beginner Acting Class on Zoom! This Class is a fun class to receive an introduction to Acting for TV/Film! Each student will get a chance to act a scene and receive tips and feedback. This is for One Class Only offered once every season so do not miss out!!

Short Q&A to follow!

Saturday, January 29th 2022: 10:00am (PST)

$20 USD

Please fill out the form below for more information.

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